Manchester United Admirer Evan Ferguson Unfazed by Transfer Speculation

Evan Ferguson, a staunch Manchester United fan from his childhood, remains unfazed by the reported interest from Old Trafford, despite his notable performances at Brighton. Manchester United had a £50 million offer for him “laughed off” last season, but the teenager is not swayed by the speculation surrounding a potential move. Reflecting on his boyhood admiration for United’s iconic attackers, including Rooney, Berbatov, and Welbeck, Ferguson expressed his fondness for the club.

In an interview with Chris Sutton for the Daily Mail, Ferguson remarked, “I supported [Manchester] United as a boy. You had the Rooneys, the Berbatovs, and obviously Danny Welbeck. They’ve always had a good thing going with the striker.”

Despite being a subject of constant speculation about his future, the Brighton attacker is accustomed to the attention. “I think so, because I had it so early on at 14. You see it all on social media when someone else is being talked about,” he explained. “But that was the first time it happened to me, when I was suddenly the one everyone was talking about. School was a weird one after that.”

Ferguson recently committed his future to Brighton by signing a new contract that binds him to the club until 2029.

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